Seminars & Colloquia
Winter 2015



March 19
Muzhou Wang
National Institute of Standards and Technology

March 12
Ayaskanta Sahu
University of California, Berkeley

Controlling Cells Through RNA Folding: Towards Design Principles for RNA Engineering
March 5
Julius Lucks
Cornell University


New Tools for Moving Towards Efficient Ex Vivo Platelet Production
February 26
Mark Duncan
Miller Lab

Engineering Cell-Based Therapies That Recognize Defined Combinations of Environmental Cues
February 26
Rachel Dudek
Leonard Lab

Engineering 2-D Membranes With Selective Pores
February 19
Kumar Agrawal
University of Cambridge, UK

Packing Polyhedral: From Ancient Math to Advanced Materials
February 12
Daphne Klotsa
University of Mighigan

Waste to Wealth: Sustainable Green Polymer Composites with Superior Properties via Solid-State Shear Pulverization
February 5
Krishnan Iyer
Torkelson Lab

Dynamic Hydrogel Matrices: Cell Biology in the Fourth Dimension
February 5
Kristi Anseth
University of Colorado
*Special time and location: Lecture 4:00-5:00 in Tech L361, reception will follow in the Willens Wing Atrium.


Nanotherapeutics for Neurological Disorders
January 29
Elizabeth Nance
Johns Hopkins Medical Institution

Utilization of Enzymatic Reaction Rules to Predict and Analyze Biochemical Pathways
January 22
Andrew Stine
Broadbelt Lab

Squishy Bubble Dynamics for Oil Recovery Applications
January 15
Sibani Lisa Biswal
Rice University