Seminars & Colloquia
Winter 2014


March 13
Suresh Sureshkumar
Syracuse University

March 6
Arvind Varma
Purdue University


Nonlinear Programming Strategies for Dynamic Real-time Optimization
February 27
Larry Biegler
Carnegie Mellon University

Biomimetic Strategies to Control and Manipulate Cells with Materials
February 25
Jennifer West

Synthetic Cell-Based Biosensors for In Vivo Applications
February 20
Nichole Daringer
Leonard Lab

Tumor Targeted Nanobins for the Treatment of Metastatic Breast Cancers
February 20
Elden Swindell
O’Halloran Lab

Selective Adsorption of Biofuels from Dilute Aqueous Solution with Immobilized Calixarenes 
February 6
Boone Thompson
Notestein Lab

Quantifying Subtle Changes in a Worm’s Health
February 6
Peter Winter 
Amaral & Morimoto Lab


Carbon Capture using Adsorption and Membrane Processes
January 30
Jennifer Wilcox
Stanford University

Can Molecular Simulations Help Us Engineer New Solvents and Interfaces to Control the Behavior of Biomolecules?
January 23
Jim Pfaendtner
University of Washington

Reaction Engineering of Cellulose Pyrolysis for Renewable Fuels
January 16
Paul Dauenhauer
University of Massachusetts