Seminars & Colloquia
Spring 2014


What's in your blood? Molecular- level Deconvolution of Human Serological and B Cell Responses
June 5
George Georgiou
University of Texas


May 29
Ann Czyzewski

Engineering Synthetic Protein Scaffolds with Modular Functionalities
May 22
Wilfred Chen
University of Delaware

May 15
Brad Olson

Chemical and Physical Models for the Origin of Biological Homochirality
May 8
Donna Blackmond
Scripps Research Institute

Achieving More Sustainable Solutions through Process Intensification
May 1
Venkat Venkatasubramanian
Columbia University


Generation and separation of in vitro-derived platelets
April 24
Alaina Schlinker
Miller Lab

In Vitro Ribosome Construction for Ribosome Engineering
April 24
Brian Fritz
Jewett Lab

Computational Screening of Catalysts for CO2 Hydrolysis
April 17
Renhu Ma
Broadbelt Lab

Viral Peptides in Liposomal Drug Delivery
April 10
Tyrone Yacoub
Szleifer Lab

Self vs. Foreign and Soft vs. Stiff - Decisions in Survival and Differentation
April 3
Dennis Discher
University of Pennsylvania