Program Overview
Industrial Advisory Board

Each year the MBP’s Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) convenes at Northwestern University to meet with students and evaluate the effectiveness and relevance of our program. This two-day summit brings faculty and industrial leaders together in a collaborative space to “compare notes” and set goals for the future.

We value the guidance of our board members and their critical insights to the demands of modern industry.


Photo of Jason Backus

Jason Backus

Technology Manager
Photo of Jeff Boesiger

Jeff Boesiger

Director of Operations, Strategy & Planning
Photo of Susan Casnocha

Susan Casnocha

Associate Research Fellow and Group Leader, Culture Process Development
Photo of Paul Collins

Paul Collins

Senior Director, Small Molecule Design and Development
Office: Indianapolis, Indiana
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Photo of Shivani Gupta

Shivani Gupta

Associate Scientist
Photo of Latonia Harris

Latonia Harris

Principal Scientist, Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing Sciences
Photo of Manfred Koller

Manfred Koller

Vice President, Business Development
Photo of Andy Lin

Andy Lin

Vice President, Product Sciences
Photo of Christi McDowell-Patterson

Christi McDowell-Patterson

Director of Upstream Process Development
Photo of Sigma Mostafa

Sigma Mostafa

Vice President, Process Development
Photo of Joe Palac

Joe Palac

Operations Manager, Pharmacy Solutions
Office: North Chicago, Illinois
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Photo of David Peritt

David Peritt

Director, Biosimilars Biology
Office: Lake Forest, Illinois
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Photo of James Piret

James Piret

Professor, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Photo of Carl Radosevich

Carl Radosevich

MBP Alumnus, Business Intelligence & Product Supervisor
Photo of Francisco Rausa

Francisco Rausa

Senior Principal Research Scientist, Future Therapeutics & Technology
Photo of David Roush

David Roush

Distinguished Scientist, BioPurification Development
Photo of David Russell

David Russell

Director of Biotechnology Prospecting
Photo of Albert  Schmelzer

Albert Schmelzer

Principal Scientist, Development Process Cell Culture
Photo of Vic Vinci

Vic Vinci

Chief Scientific Officer - Vice President Process Development


Photo of David Amrani

David Amrani

FAHA Consultant, Biocompatibility, Hematology, Devices & Regenerative Medicine
Photo of Kathy Carswell

Kathy Carswell

Senior Engineer
Photo of Doug Cameron

Doug Cameron

Co-President & Director
Photo of Edna Choi

Edna Choi

MBP Alumna, OE Manager, Operational Excellence
Photo of Eric Emery

Eric Emery

Vice-President, Manufacturing (Retired)
Photo of Xuejin 'Sherry' Lin

Xuejin 'Sherry' Lin

Photo of Aaron Kelley

Aaron Kelley

Biorefineries Industry Leader, Regional Marketing Director, Asia Pacific
Photo of Steven Lee

Steven Lee

Global Head, Technical Operations & CEO, Singapore
Photo of Vasantha  Nagarajan

Vasantha Nagarajan

Technical Fellow, Biochemical Sciencea & Engineering, CR&D
Photo of Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen

Vice-Chair, Business Advisory Board
Photo of Inn Yuk

Inn Yuk

Senior Group Leader and Principal Engineer, Early Stage Cell Culture BioProcess Development, PTDU
Photo of Vinod Srinivasan

Vinod Srinivasan

MBP Alumnus, Research Associate, Biomass Applications Group
Photo of E. Terry Papoutsakis

E. Terry Papoutsakis

Eugene DuPont Chair Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Delaware Biotechnology Institute
Photo of Christopher Tomas

Christopher Tomas

Principal Pharmaceutical Scientist