Co-op Internship

After three quarters of study in the program (or upon program completion), MBP students may elect to pursue internships. The optional MBP Industrial Internship provides an unparalleled opportunity for students to work in the industry for two quarters. Participating companies are encouraged to financially compensate interns at the BS level or higher. The majority of classes and research training will be completed during the first year of study, before the internship begins, and students will be well equipped and trained to have a successful internship experience.

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Top-Tier Companies

MBP Students have completed internships at many prestigious companies, some of which are listed below. The program has representation at every major biotech and pharmaceutical company in the United States.


  • Producer of the biggest selling drug of all time, Humira
  • Students have taken roles in development and manufacturing


  • A member of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies
  • Students have taken roles in clinical product development and participated in discovery projects


  • The World’s Largest Independent Biotechnology Firm
  • Supports continuing education programs for former students working for AMGEN


  • Among the top 5 consulting firms in the world
  • As of 2012, engages in exclusive recruiting of MBP graduates for roles as Technology Analysts

GE Healthcare

  • Ranked #8 on the Fortune 500
  • Manufactures a wide range of industrial and consumer products, with increasing interest in biotechnology


  • The original biotechnology firm, Genentech develops new disease treatments
  • Holds over 11,000 patents
  • The first company to develop biological drugs

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Internship Placement

Students are responsible for finding their internship position, but the program offers additional assistance through its Assistant Director for External Relations and other MBP staff, the McCormick Office of Career Development, and University Career Services. These resources can be used to help students decide about an internship, research companies, prepare resumes and applications, train for interviews, and cope with the new environment in industry as an intern. 

Internship placement is not guaranteed.

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Registration in a non-credit, zero tuition course during the internship will be required to maintain continuous enrollment at Northwestern University and to maintain student standing for health and automobile insurance, student loans, and visas. Internship registration is processed by the McCormick Office of Corporate Relations (MOCR), requiring students to complete paperwork and forms.

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International Students

The eligibility of international students to be authorized to work in the U.S. during an internship will be verified by the International Office at Northwestern University after students have satisfied several academic criteria. It is anticipated that international students in F-1 status who are enrolled in the MBP M.S. in Biotechnology with Industrial Internship track will be eligible for U.S. work authorization under curricular practical training. Students in J-1 status may be eligible for U.S. work authorization under Academic Training. We strongly encourage students to check with the International Office prior to taking any actions that may impact their visa status in the U.S.