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Logan Wilson

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Logan, a San Diego native, graduated cum laude from Washington and Lee University in May of 2017 with a B.S. in Mathematics and Engineering and a minor in Music. Throughout his coursework, he excelled in applying mathematical concepts from an engineering perspective to solve problems with a methodical and analytical approach.

After graduating, Logan split his summer interning with both MyEyeDr. and Twine Analytics. At Twine, he developed an analytics platform for aggregating and processing biopharmaceutical data, while at MyEyeDr he provided analytic support to the marketing department and built a machine learning framework for predicting patient behaviors. Throughout the summer, Logan enjoyed studying the intricacies of big data architecture while learning to better understand the human component of data through marketing.

At Northwestern University, Logan is excited to be learning to leverage data to generate insights and inform business decisions. He looks forward to cultivating a more comprehensive understanding of data science in both its technical complexities and its human applications.