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Luyao Yang

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Born in China, Luyao has been living in the United States since high school. He excelled in an undergraduate education at University of California in Los Angeles, with a major in Computational Mathematics, and applied that through a minor in statistics. With a strong interest in machine learning and autonomous methods, he assisted professors in achieving more reliable results in both commercial and government data analysis projects.

Innovation. Efficiency. Initiative. These are the concepts associated with Luyao by anyone he has worked with. At UCLA, where he graded the intermediate and advanced programming classes, he redeveloped the scoring script so that it provided the professor with insights of the assignment. During his time as a quality control analyst at Doctor Evidence, he created scripts (dubbed “robots” by his friends) that further automate the data collection process, ultimately cutting down time spent on repetitive tasks by up to 30 minutes a day for each analyst. And being the friendly person he is, his coworkers were never afraid to request new features or simply ask him for help.

Luyao is thrilled to be part of the 2016 Cohort of the MSiA program, where he will continue to sharpen his skills in using data to accurately, precisely, and efficiently produce answers. He is very excited to learn new ways to approach challenges, along with tools and algorithms that can be applied to make informed decisions.