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Kedi Wu

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Originally from Mainland China, Kedi Wu graduated from University of Michigan Ann Arbor in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Operations Engineering. Kedi is also pursuing a second bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, which will be finished shortly after the MSiA program.

Kedi’s interest in data analysis has been continuously cultivated through his research and internship experience. At University of Michigan, he worked on a healthcare operations research team, whose topic was redesigning hospital post-discharge inspection policies. In this project, he used Mathematica Parallel Computing to perform numerical simulation on live national SEER-Medicare data, which provided strong support to operational optimization of the scheduling system. After that, he learned the importance of data during his two summer internships in car manufacturing and healthcare industries. By constructing an online safe launch data storage system and user interface, he provided a concise quality performance summary to the management layer of the car manufacturing company. Shortly after that, he switched to the healthcare industry and got a chance to access healthcare data from several widely used databases including Oracle, SQL server, and Teradata.

Kedi gained a completely new vision of data visualization when he worked on SAS Visual Analytics, which is a very new interactive data visualization tool. Most importantly, Kedi finds endless passion in exploring and analyzing data, and he believes that this kind of passion will allow him to excel throughout his professional career.

As the cost of acquiring data is dropping lower, a new era of data-driven industry is coming. While studying in the MSiA program, Kedi wants to learn how to handle big data, as well as the data analysis skills to extract valuable information from raw data, as these skills are crucial for high-level, strategic decision-making.