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Apurvaa Subramaniam

Photo of Apurvaa Subramaniam

Born and raised near Delhi, India, Apurvaa moved to Singapore in 2008 to study Computer Engineering at Nanyang Technological University. During her undergraduate program, she also spent a summer at University of California, Berkeley and studied for a semester at Technical University of Munich, Germany which helped her get a broader global perspective. While at university, a class project to predict FX rates by analyzing historical datasets using neural networks first sparked her interest in data analytics.

After graduating in 2012, Apurvaa worked for 3 years in the technology division of Goldman Sachs where she built software used by the firm’s investment research analysts and clients. One of the major projects she worked on involved gathering a variety of financial data from different sources and providing a model for easy extraction and analysis, which helped her understand the commercial value of data. As her role focused more on the infrastructure aspect of data extraction, Apurvaa felt that the next logical step for her career growth was to augment her data analysis, strategy, and business skills in order to be able to effectively use this data to drive decisions, which led her to apply to the Analytics program at Northwestern.

She thinks that the Internet of Things will rapidly move from concept to reality with more and more devices becoming interconnected, and is excited about the Analytics of Things as it is sometimes called, especially in the urban planning (smart cities) and healthcare sectors, which are particularly of interest to her. The rigor of quantitative analysis greatly interests her. Apurvaa believes one of her best assets is her creativity, particularly in writing, which enables her to tell a compelling story with data and numbers.