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Terry Neumann

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Terrence Neumann graduated from Indiana University in 2015 with a joint degree in Economics and Mathematics.

During his final year of undergraduate studies, he worked as an economics research assistant on projects in the fields of public finance and higher education finance. This was his first experience working with data, and he has continued to pursue analytical work wholeheartedly. He is currently lead developer for the Observatory of Economic Inequality (www.observeinequality.io), a website that uses American Community Survey data to provide users with critical visualizations about income inequality across geographies, time, race, and gender.

Terry looks forward to further building his technical skill set so that he may develop innovative, analytical solutions to challenges faced by businesses, governments, and households alike. He believes that data science has the potential to lead our society into a new era of discovery and understanding, and he is excited to be situated at the helm of this ship, looking into the horizon of our Information Age.