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Balamurali Natarajan

Photo of Balamurali Natarajan

Balamurali comes from India with double Masters degrees (in Physics and in Electrical Engineering) and with over 12 years of valuable work experience in the wireless industry. A significant part of his career involved designing practical resource allocation solutions for wireless networks using statistical estimation and optimization concepts.

Balamurali has been using statistical learning techniques and performing mathematical programming since his graduate days in order to analyze and solve complex wireless system design issues. During his career, he has also become a top-notch researcher, with 13 international IEEE conference publications and 6 patents. He has won numerous awards at work, like the Nokia’s “Innovation Award”, “Best Technical Paper Award” and the Motorola’s “SAT Ribbon for Customer Satisfaction”. Moreover, he has worked with several international telecom operators and has lead culturally diverse teams for various projects.

He is fully convinced that the time is ripe now for widespread deployment of real-time data analytics solutions for solving key, complex system design issues in various industries. He wants to be at the forefront by becoming an expert on leveraging big data for real-time analytics. At Northwestern, he hopes to fully immerse himself and get systematically trained in this field of big data analytics.