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Jan Lubatschowski

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While pursuing his Bachelor's degree in Business Informatics, it was important for Jan to gain knowledge and insights in both business and IT and not to specialize in one or the other, as he believes this to be indispensable for somebody who wants to become a respected leader in the IT industry. During his studies, he first focused on analyzing and managing business processes, especially in marketing and sales. He applied this knowledge from the very beginning of his studies as member, and later sales leader, of a student-run non-profit organization which enables international exchange for students around the globe.

After finishing his degree, he deepened his knowledge as Head of Marketing and Sales in a company he co-founded, with a founding scholarship from the German government and the European Union. It was here that he first applied his knowledge by shaping marketing and sales processes in a for-profit company, from the development of a business strategy to the implementation and customization of a CRM system. He trained his co-founders and his sales team in the operational sales process, expanding his leadership and functional experience.

Before and after his startup experience, Jan gained experience in management consulting, where he interned in large-scale IT transformation projects in the Financial Sector. Here, he self-dependently managed sub-processes of the projects, such as budgeting the IT costs for newly created business units and conceptualizing volume-based pricing for IT services.

Jan is looking forward to deepening his understanding of analytics in order to help companies gain new insights into their data and improve their efficiency and profitability.