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Wanbin Li

Photo of Wanbin Li

Originally from China, Wanbin graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a B.S. in Management Information Systems and a minor in English. During her undergraduate studies, she developed an appreciation for the way technology is changing people’s lives and for the importance of teamwork in all projects. With broader interests in humanities and arts, she was the Business and Ads Manager for the school newspaper, and worked for the school’s Marketing and Communications Department.

In the marketing role, Wanbin frequently needed to use data pulled from the university database system. Unfortunately, the antiquated system only made her yearn for a coherent and powerful data backbone, which together with data integrity is what she considers the foundation of analytics. In her senior project, Wanbin and her team carried out user-experience studies for an internal IT service website at EMC. During the course of this project, she realized the extreme significance of data visualization in communication with stakeholders such as sponsors and clients. These experiences contributed to her overall understanding of the data-gathering-and-leveraging process.

After graduation, Wanbin decided to take her deeply analytical mind to embark on the new and exciting data science realm. The MSiA program provides a great opportunity for her to learn and explore. She is ready to practice in hands-on projects. She is delighted to meet new people and make new connections. She is eager to participate in the trends driven by big data in all industries, particularly the digital media sphere – the ability to influence with creativity thrills her. She truly believes that the world of analytics if full of opportunities, for anyone, and for any industry.