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Rene Li

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Rene graduated from Peking University, China, with a Bachelor in Statistics, and aims to be a data scientist. The rise of internet companies has made her realized the potential to bring quantitative methods into the real world of industry, which motivated her to start her journey from data science.

During her undergraduate study, Rene had two analytical internships in commercial companies. Firstly, in GE Healthcare, China, marketing department, she took charge of evaluating marketing affect. By spontaneously combining her knowledge of multi-variance regression and time series, she identified several sales opportunity, summarized marketing performance and facilitated the team effectively by making reports. After that, Rene worked as an algorithm engineer led by the director of risk control in a start-up company, designing credit rating models with users’ consuming and social network data. Proficient at R programming, She constructed and implemented an algorithm to identify good and bad users based on network data. In a project cooperated with one of China’s biggest e-commerce company, she also used Python to design a set of risk control rules.

With experience and enthusiasm in analytics in both marketing and developing, Rene is looking forward to go further in the field of analytics. Furthermore, as an amateur art designer, she is also interested in combining mathematics with arts by getting involved in data visualization.

As a member of MSiA’s 2016 cohort, Rene is excited to learn databases, Hadoop technology, to enhance knowledge in machine learning and to help companies make informed decision in an analytics way.