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Li Kan

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Originally from China, Li received her bachelor’s degree in Statistics as an Outstanding Undergraduate Student from Shandong University. She showed great enthusiasm in data analysis and discovered that is where her potential lies when she was still a freshman. Driven by her strong desire to gain solid knowledge in the field of analytics, she gradually pursued degrees in Management Science and Engineering, Statistics, and now in Analytics.

Through several mathematical modeling contests, Li accumulated valuable experience in modeling as well as data-driven decision-making skills. She successfully brought about optimal solutions to real-world issues such as the evaluation of red wines, the best evacuation plans in traffic congestions, and many more. During her three-month internship at Shandong Provincial Bureau of Statistics, she was responsible for data processing with SAS and the maintenance of the Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) System. Li integrated several questionnaires with more concise programming, significantly increasing the efficiency of operators. In the meantime, Li also led a project group of five on stock index futures, where she managed to maximize the value in financial data usage.

Data tell informative stories in a hidden way, and this attracts Li to field of analytics. As a candidate of the 2016 MSiA cohort, Li aims not only to equip herself with techniques like data mining and machine learning, but to sharpen problem-solving skills. Seeing in the era of data revolution, Li is looking forward to fully exercising her capability to help companies drive business success.