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Ke Huang

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Ke Huang comes from China, where he received a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering at University of Science and Technology Beijing, and a master’s degree in Management Science and Engineering at Tsinghua University. Prior to being admitted to the analytics program at Northwestern University, Ke worked in the finance industry for several years, as a fixed-income portfolio manager at China Construction Bank, the second largest bank in the country. During that time, he closely participated in market data analysis, investment strategy making, and trading operations for a bond portfolio of $500 billion. In 2013, Ke was awarded Excellent Trader by National Interbank Funding Center.

During 2014, Ke devoted his spare time to a startup project that aimed to build a web application to demonstrate and analyze real-time trading quote data for investors in fixed-income markets. Ke’s team made sound progress in implementing data processing algorithms and visualizations that would help thousands of traders enjoy a much more efficient and elegant work experience.

All of his data-intensive professional experience enlightened Ke on the value of data analytics and widened his professional interest as a data analyst. He believes that leveraging advanced technology and making full use of data resources present huge opportunities to increase productivity and welfare of many industries and of society. To prepare for discovering and realizing such latent opportunities in his future career, Ke is excited to take part in the MSiA program and get in-depth understanding on core areas of data science and analytics, including statistical analysis, data mining and management, text processing, machine learning, and data visualization. Ke hopes to apply the power of analytics to his work and to develop generic tools for facilitating data understanding and application.