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Elie Harik

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Originally from Lebanon, Elie Harik grew up in Abu Dhabi. He studied at the American University of Beirut, where he graduated with a B.E. in Computer and Communications Engineering. During his undergraduate studies, Elie explored topics ranging from numerical computing and algorithms design to human biology and operations management, giving Elie a well-rounded foundation revolving around computer engineering and mathematics.

Elie explored his interest in programming both in and out of school. During the end of his sophomore year, he worked part-time at a regional software development firm, where he was exposed to mid-sized commercial software projects as part of the iOS development team. The following year, while working at a data visualization agency in New York City as a web development intern, Elie was exposed to the functional applications of data and started developing an interest in analytics.

At Northwestern, Elie hopes to deepen and combine his knowledge of programming, mathematics and business disciplines, all while gaining practical experience with the tools used in the industry. More importantly, Elie seeks to foster an analytical and creative mentality that will allow him to make sense of data not only to drive business success, but to better comprehend fields of personal interest as well.