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Chet Gray

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Originally from Fairfax, Virginia, Chet attended the University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science for his undergraduate career. His dual major in computer science and systems engineering instilled an appreciation for the power of computational techniques and mathematics in both streamlining and predicting the behavior of complex systems. In his final year of undergraduate study, he joined a university research team specializing in the development of system-aware cybersecurity software. His time on this team allowed him to flex the user interface design, coding, and networking skills learned in his computer science coursework. A fourth year capstone project provided him with an opportunity to work directly with the fashion analytics startup Genostyle and help shape techniques to model user fashion preferences.

Chet's interest in analytics originated in his upper-level systems engineering courses, wherein team-based case studies revealed the breadth of applications that data science has in industry. The variety in these applications excited him, and drove Chet to pursue a master’s degree in Analytics at Northwestern University. Wireless sensor networking and cloud computing interest him as fields where data analytics could prove incredibly useful. Using the skills and knowledge that he will obtain at Northwestern, he hopes to develop novel solutions for problems in these fields and many others.