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Ashley Felber

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Ashley graduated from the University of Michigan in 2011, where she majored in economics and minored in mathematics. Upon graduation, she started her career at Deloitte as a consultant implementing Workday, a software as a service solution for human resource management. During this time, Ashley worked on two global Workday implementations in which she was involved in gathering data and business requirements, designing the user interface and processes, configuring the system, and testing. She also had the opportunity to take on a leadership role on a project at Actavis, a pharmaceutical company with over 20,000 employees, as the data conversion lead. In this role, Ashley managed the collection of data from 13 different countries, the data cleansing process, and the transfer of data into the Workday system.

After two years at Deloitte, Ashley decided to pursue an opportunity to live abroad and use her skill set to give back. She took a position as an operations intern in the Philippines at Gawad Kalinga’s Enchanted Farm, a pilot program developed to test the viability of a farm that acts as incubator for agricultural focused social enterprises, provides housing for the poor, and serves a tourist destination to spread the message of the organization. Ashley worked on three key projects for the organization. She established a shop on the farm to sell products from the social enterprises to visitors, developed new finance processes to improve accountability as well as the accuracy of reporting, and conducted qualitative research to identify key operating issues in each department of the farm.

Most recently, Ashley worked as an independent Workday consultant for Actavis, a client she established a relationship with at Deloitte. In addition, she worked as an operations analyst at Evolve, a company that provides a new and unique approach to vacation rental management for homeowners. In this role, she reviewed and documented current procedures and sought opportunities to implement more efficient processes and technology improvements.

Ashley has always had an affinity for tasks that involve complex problem solving, logic, and quantitative analysis. Therefore, although she has enjoyed her experience with software implementations and process improvement, she is more interested in using analytics enabled by software to conduct quantitative research that drive organizations’ decisions and improves operational efficiency. In particular, her position at Gawad Kalinga sparked an interest in using data to make decisions in the social sector. She noticed that data was not collected or used to assess the success of initiatives, and thus limited resources were not necessarily invested in a way that resulted in the greatest social impact. She believes there are many social sector organizations that have untapped opportunities to incorporate data-driven decision-making into their operations.

Ashley is very excited to develop her capabilities with database management systems, statistical packages, and data analysis while exploring opportunities in different industries to use analytics to make a positive social impact.