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Theo Feder

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A graduate of Haverford College with a B.S. in Mathematics and a minor in Economics, Theo pursued a career that paired his aptitude for quantitative analysis with his deep passion for management and decision sciences. Theo spent three years after college working as a Senior Research Analyst at a leading research and advisory firm in Arlington, VA.

In the role, which focused on identifying, developing, and implementing best practices for Corporate Strategy and Research & Development departments at client corporations, Theo helped resolve complex management challenges at a diverse set of organizations. For example, he worked with one of the largest U.S. non-profits to design and install an enterprise-wide performance dashboard. He also helped to deploy an intricate corporate portfolio management process at a top enterprise software firm. In addition to client-specific work, Theo has conducted extensive research into hot-button executive challenges. Through this research, he developed causal models of management activities, created numerous executive surveys, and performed various statistical analyses on the resulting data. This work, along with case profiles he has written, has been published as research studies, one of which was recently featured by Huffington Post and CFO magazine.

By pursuing an M.S. in Analytics at Northwestern University, Theo is incredibly excited to complement his experience in consulting with the advanced statistical and computational skills necessary to tackle the data-intensive issues that today’s companies regularly face.