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Valentino Constantinou

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Valentino is a graduate of the University Of Tennessee Haslam College Of Business, with a B.S. in Economics with a quantitative focus. During this time, Valentino also studied abroad at the London School of Economics for a summer course and at the University of Melbourne for a semester. Never one to limit his education, Valentino enrolled in a broad range of statistics and mathematics courses, such as numerical algorithms and special topics in R programming. These courses served as the catalyst for his passion for data science.

Valentino's overarching goal as a data scientist is to improve the quality of life for those using a product or service by integrating and efficiently using insights gained from a set of data. More specifically, Valentino has an immense interest in applying data science in a variety of fields including healthcare, race strategy in motorsport, CFD techniques in aerodynamics, and biotechnology. These are ideal fields in which to utilize data science knowledge and continue to be aligned with Valentino’s personal interests. Within the data science field itself, he has a particular interest in clustering algorithms, text analysis, and data visualization that he aims to apply to his work. The data mining and healthcare analytics courses stand out and excite Valentino most among the program's extensive and thorough curriculum.

Valentino's previous experience in modeling and data science includes undergraduate research as an intern in management and predictive modeling at Alcoa. In both cases, R was utilized for missing value imputation, regression modeling, distribution analysis, and other tasks. Currently, Valentino serves as a co-founder of NOVO, an online marketing and web design company. He looks forward to our data-driven future and hopes to make a meaningful contribution to his community as a data scientist.