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Dan Breitbach

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Originally from Dubuque, Iowa, Dan attended Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota, graduating with a BA in 2008. Majoring in economics, Dan’s academic direction was influenced by the unfolding financial crisis in 2007 and 2008. While working in corporate finance, first as a summer intern with Citigroup in 2007, and again as an M&A Analyst at Lazard in 2008, Dan became interested in further studying how financial volatility impacted the broader economy, ultimately leading him to graduate school at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Focusing on international trade and financial markets, Dan graduated with an MA in economics in 2010.

Staying in Vancouver, Dan worked as a management consultant with The Deetken Group for two years, providing analytical, economic, and strategic advisory to a wide range of clients. During his tenure, Dan was particularly active working with the provincial government of British Columbia on economic policy. These projects include the development of a tax strategy for the emerging liquefied natural gas industry, estimating economic impacts from a proposed trade agreement with the EU, and creating a risk management strategy for BC’s student loan program.

Dan continued his consulting career after moving to the Bay Area in 2013. As an advisor to Thrivent Financial, Dan led a research and development initiative to expand the company’s analytical marketing capabilities, combining internal and external data and building a cloud-based analytics platform. At Northwestern, Dan is excited to build his technical skills in data acquisition and management, machine learning, and distributed computing. In his free time, Dan is an avid musician, backpacker, and food enthusiast.